Used Jeeps and Jeep Parts For Sale - 1968 Kaiser Jeep M 715 5/4 Jeep

1968 Kaiser Jeep
M 715 5/4 Jeep

Selling my Kaiser Jeep M715. All stock original equipment. This is a former fire department rig for fighting brush fires in rural areas. It was bought by the fire department directly from GSA in 1970 and never saw combat duty in Vietnam. Contact for more information if you're interested.

The Good:

  • An uninstalled aftermarket heater, brand new, in the box that mounts under the right side of dashboard.
  • It has one spare tire (on wheel) and one spare wheel (split rims)
  • It also has a spare engine head for the tornado 230. Not that it needs a new head, but it came with the deal.
  • I have installed new gauges and will install a new speedometer (I have kept the old gauges that were installed).
  • There is a battery isolator that was put on by the fire dept. That, I have incorporated into a vehicle theft system. With the isolator off it is not possible to hotwire the truck and drive it off. The isolator is secured in the cab.
  • The fiberglass cab top has visors incorporated into it, custom built by the previous owner. There are also defroster vent caps for the heater.
  • The vehicle has been rewired to 12 volt before I got it. (But it still has the 24 volt generator on the engine. It just spins and takes up the slack for the belts. To my knowledge that generator still works.)
  • It comes with one Jerry can for extra gas.
  • The truck has the pioneer tool set (seen in picture.) with new straps for those.
  • There are new seat covers installed.
  • The siren works. I don't use it in traffic but it can be used in distress situations in the woods or incorporated into a vehicle alarm system. It has its own switch for operation.
  • The gauges have their own switch for independent "red" back lighting.
  • The truck runs and drives fine (except for longer distances, explained below.)

The bad:
  • The transmission needs new seals. It leaks onto the clutch plate and causes the clutch to slip on longer distance drives. The clutch needs to be replaced as well. It is saturated with gear oil.
  • The truck needs a new muffler and tail pipe. The muffler is old (but quiet). The tail pipe is twisted slightly (not causing a severe restriction but needs to be replaced eventually.)
  • Also needed are new shock absorbers and the truck's horn is still 24 volt.

In this condition, the truck is a collector’s item, being mechanically stock except for a 12 volt conversion.

Price: $9,000.00

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