Military Jeeps For Sale and Military Jeep Parts For Sale - 1962 Ford MUTT M151A1 Complete! Very Decent Condition!

1962 Ford MUTT M151A1 Complete! Very Decent Condition!

This is a pretty cool 1962 Ford made M-151A1 Military MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck). I know what your thinking. IT'S BLUE! Yes. It's blue. I have no idea why it's blue (*It was pointed out that it most likely could have been a NAVY Jeep, which is more rare than ARMY but I have no documentation to support that). The paint in it is old, very old, as in 40+ year old single stage so I am not sure if it was blue to begin with or has been re-painted at some point. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that it has been re-painted as there are areas on it where the original green can be seen under the blue. My father was a Vietnam veteran, and served the US Army from 1965-1968 and he drove these MUTT's in the service. He had the opportunity to pick this one up back in 1994 and he bought it. These are RARE as the military ordered the destruction of many M-151's after service use and my father sought out one for quite some time before buying this one. It was a running/driving Jeep when he bought it. My father stored this inside until 2014 when he lost his large storage building and had to move several cars outside. The floors are solid, and there is no rust that I can find anywhere on the body! I can take/send as many more undercarriage photos as interested bidders would like. It looks like someone made the top for it (not my father) as I don't think they came with them and the inside of this one looks homemade. However, The top on it looks like it unbolts and comes off. Also someone bolted a cheesy brush-guard to the front of it that can be unbolted and taken off (or thrown away as that's what I would do with it.) This MUTT is a 24V system and has a spot for two separate 12V batteries under the hood. I have no idea if it will run off of only one battery or not. It also has odd looking front and rear U-joint connections off of each pumpkin that I have no idea what they were used for, but obviously an accessory of some type. Unfortunately my father passed away and this was one of the vehicles in his collection, but I really don't know much about it other that it has a clear Colorado Title. He always had a soft spot for military vehicles and memorabilia after his time in the Army. What you see in the photos is what you get in the auction. This is a super cool and Rare flat-fender jeep that is made by Ford. I have never seen another one in real life, and I know they are out there but I have seen tons of Willy's and AMC's, but never another Ford built MUTT. This vehicle is sold as is where is with absolutely no warranty expressed or implied. It has not run in several years, and there are no batteries. Also, the tires are fairly dry-rotted and cracked but can be used to roll it around.

Price: $3,400 OBO

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