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1971 Ford M151 A2 Jeep

I purchased this unrestored vehicle in 2011 with only 8,213 original miles and spent 2 years rebuilding it. I say rebuild rather than restore because my idea of a restored vehicle, no matter how extensive, can be quite different than a "rebuilt" vehicle. Some individuals who have restored a jeep evaluated the original components, and if they still functioned they were simply cleaned up, repainted, and reinstalled. I did not do this. I completely disassembled the jeep and replaced over 90% of the components with new NOS parts. The jeep was then meticulously re-assembled according to specs from Army maintenance manuals. This vehicle is 100% mechanically reliable. I have over $40,000 invested in this jeep and can provide receipts for all the parts and shop work that went into the project.

Original components that were not replaced include the radiator, engine, fuel tank, transmission, and transfer case. The radiator was rebuilt with a new core added. The fuel tank was found to be rust free so it was just cleaned. The transmission and transfer case were rebuilt at a transmission shop. The engine was taken to a specialty engine rebuild shop where it was rebuilt and balanced. Because of the excellent engine rebuild and balancing it will reach a top speed of 70 mph with no vibration or any other issues. I had an alignment done on both front and rear at another specialty shop. There is no wander or wobble when driving down the road even at top speed. This is a rust free vehicle. Since I have owned it it has not been driven in the snow or on the salted roads we have here in Minnesota. It has always been kept in the garage when not driven. It is street legal and definitely of show quality. It is a joy to drive and has been in several parades.

One of the reasons I put such extensive work and expense into rebuilding this jeep was because I didn't originally intend to sell it. However last fall I found a new project to work on and my home financier informed me that I could only have one such toy at a time. Also I don't have room in my garage for another vehicle (the latter explanation is more logical to my way of thinking). Included with the jeep is some extra military regulation OD paint, axe & shovel, five Army manuals (an operation manual, basic and advanced parts manuals, & basic and advanced maintenance manuals), and laminated lubrication charts. For more info and pics please contact me via phone or email.

Price: $27,500

City: Plymouth

State: MN

Please contact Marv Berhow at:


Phone: 763-557-8615

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