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For sale and Rebuild
May 1961 Ford M-151 2C 1346

I restored this vehicle over a four years period and completed the job in 2015. At the MVPA convention in Topeka, KS, I missed making the Gold level of factory restoration by 3/4 of one point.

I was also part of an MVPA convoy that left the 2019 MVPA Convention, in York, PA and traveled to San Francisco, CA. We followed nearly the same route as an Army Convoy did in 1919 along the Lincoln Highway (US 30) over a period of 36 days. While passing through Coraopolis, PA. an M-151A2 and trailer ran into the back of my MUTT and M-416 trailer while I was stopped for road construction.

My trailer lunette pushed my pintle straight down 90 degrees. I was propelled into the M-100 trailer in front of me. The trailer pushed the grille into my radiator and fan stopping the engine. The welds connecting the passenger side splash shield were broken and the right front fender was damaged right at the front radius. I bent my seat back about three inches during the impact. I had a seat belt on which kept me in it during the forward and back motion.

My vehicle and trailer were recovered and kept in the convoy until we reached our next rest area. There, many volunteers straightened out the pintle and secured another radiator and grille to make it roadworthy again. After the test drive, I was able to drive it another 3300 miles to complete the convoy.

Almost a year after the accident, I settled with my insurance company and bought the vehicle back from them and received a KY Salvage Title. I decided that I wanted to upgrade to an M-151A1 to get turn signal capability. I found an M-151A1, without powerplant, in Reno NV. I bought it and took delivery at my home in Radcliff, KY.

I have completed the transfer of the powerplant and suspension to my A1. I also took the steering gear, two front seats and the fuel tank. I left everything else that is peculiar to an early M-151 and other parts.

These include:
1. Hood with three reinforcing ribs
2. W/S with only two defroster cutouts in the W/S frame, two wiper motors with all the rubber and metal tubing intact, two wiper arms and blades and two W/S to hood laydown hood lacing covered brackets.
3. Metal cover for the deep-water fording hose cutout in the hood.
4. Straight front bumper with tow shackles
5. Flat top air cleaner
6. Deep dish horn
7. Front wiring harness
8. Rear wiring harness
9. Battery cable from battery box to floor switch and floor switch to starter
10. Wiring for a 60-amp alternator. Can be converted back to a generator and voltage regulator (I was using a 524-radio setup a lot)
11. Transmission cover
12. Bow set with round bar stock for the rods near the drivers and passenger's head. Later bow sets used flat rod for the same purpose
13. The rear seat. Early M-151's had welded footman loops on the bottom of the seat where strap ends were riveted. The bottom cushion has small cutouts to accommodate the straps. There were used to fasted the top, doors, side curtains as well as the metal door frames when not in use
14. On the outside of the body, just behind the drivers and passenger seats, are two footman loops side by side. One is for a strap of the side curtain. What the second one does is anybody's guess. I have found no explanation as to its purpose. In the 1963 -20 manual. It is gone on the representative vehicle
15. Five replica Firestone Tires from Coker Tire Company. One is new and the others have about 80% of their tire depth left. They are mounted on ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America) Magnesium Alloy Wheels.
16. Hot water heater with radiator cover
17. All steel and flexible brake lines and hoses
18. All steel fuel lines
19. Underbody kit
20. Complete exhaust system
21. Battery box cover
22. New fenders, front and rear floors and rear fenders
23. On the outside of the driver's compartment the metal is stamped "Run #2"
24. Pintle hook with no chain or cotter pin. Pintle hook was not drilled for a cotter pin on early product runs
25. Four springs
26. Early spare tire retainer, reflector and winged securing nut (very rare)
27. Taillights marked "Autolite" The Autolite Company made lights for the military until they were purchase by the Prestolite Company in 1963
28. Oval drain floor covers. They are flush with the floor. You pull a round ring up and rotate the cover 90 degrees to drain the water. One per side.
29. Slave receptacle
30. Gas tank
31. Take out M-151A2 engine with attached transmission. Full of oil and turns over with half inch drive rachet and socket. I will furnish NOS vacuum pump to replace fuel pump on the engine. Transmission has rebuilt tag dated 10-82, Fort Knox, KY
32. 60-amp alternator
33. Radiator
The items I took off the Reno MUTT that are included are:
1. Front cradle with suspension, half-shafts and differential
2. Rear A arms with springs, half-shafts and differential
3. Steering box and shaft
4. Steering wheel
5. Front and rear propeller shafts
6. Steering wheel
7. Two front seats (no canvas)
8. Instrument panel
9. Front grille
I will include, in the sale, new u-joints for the half shafts (8) and new u-joints for the front and rear propeller shafts (4)
Also included are the reinforcement channels behind the pintle hook from Guy Loomis. The back panel can be repaired if you know what you are doing
This is about everything needed to bring this quality 1961 MUTT back to life.
I have about 65 pictures I can e-mail to anyone interested. It is through a 3rd party site and they can be all downloaded at once. Call me if you have any questions.

Price: $9500.00

City: Radcliff

State: KY

Please contact Kevin B Emdee at:


Phone: 270-312-8665

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