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1941 Willys Slattie

This jeep was 75% restored when I bought her. I spent over 2 years switching parts to make it totally accurate for the first year a slat was made. low windscreen, zipper seats, accurate radiator, and many parts that were not accurate. she was shown in the MVPA convention for restored class and won a bronze. I then fixed all the points that were judged. she was shown again in York where she won a silver at the MVPA convention. if you understand the point system that is checked you would see and appreciate what a rarity she is.

1941 Willys Slat numbers
Dod. 12/4/1941
Vin # 101948
Hood # w-2033325
101948 on side of tub
Engine 102346. On oil pan flange. 11/27/41
Tub # on gusset 4328
Front axle 11/28/41
Rear axle 11/28/41
Wheels dated 11/41 spare 42

Price: $50,000

City: Gettysburg

State: PA

Please contact Dee at:

email: thebellsofdixie@yahoo.com

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