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1942 Willys Slat Grill with All Spare Equipment


For Sale is my 6v 1942 Willys MB. I am asking $38,000 and this price includes a significant amount of spare equipment that is listed further below, and includes a freshly rebuilt t84, dana 18, engine block, etc etc. I have owned the Jeep for approximately 5 years and bought it from the estate of an older gentleman who did a restoration at some point prior (If I had to guess I would say 10 years prior to my ownership). During my time owning the Jeep, I have done the following repairs and or replaced the following in order to make it more mechanically sound as it had some issues when I purchased it:

1. New Fuel Pump
2. Hooked up the previously disconnected oil filter, including new hoses in and out
3. Recent oil change
4. New fluid in front and rear diff, transfer case, and transmission
5. New gasket between the transmission and transfer case
6. New shocks x4 (Ron Fitzpatrick)
7. New Leaf springs x4 (Ron Fitzpatrick)
8. New electronic voltage regulator from Ron Fitzpatrick (looks identical to the old style)
9. New spark plugs in the past year and a half
10. New condenser (Joes Motor Pool)
11. New points (Joes Motor Pool)
12. Freshly rebuilt carter WO carburetor
13. New Brake master cylinder and fluid
14. New Muffler and header pipe (Daryl B)
15. New Exhaust manifold (It is an original one I was able to secure) (Army Jeep Parts)
16. New Head gasket + studs instead of bolts (Ron)
17. New Horn + wiring for horn (Ron)
18. Battery is about 2 years old (Napa)
19. Rebuilt original 6v Starter (Ron)
20. New Floor starter switch
21. Fuel filter is approx. 2 years old
22. New Battery cables and many new ground straps
23. New Correct Radiator
24. New Thermostat

I should note that ALL new / repro / oem parts were either bought from Military swap meets, Ron Fitzpatrick, my trips to Europe, Joes Motor Pool, Daryl Bensinger, or other reputable Military parts suppliers. There is no "autozone" or any of that other crap on this jeep.

Additionally, Included with my asking price are the following items / Spares / which I have spent a significant amount of time acquiring and money to purchase (Again - these are included WITH MY ASKING PRICE - not if it sells below my asking price, as there are thousands of dollars in spares included here)

1. Freshly rebuilt spare T-84 transmission with bell housing and shifter rod
2. Freshly rebuilt spare Dana 18 transfer case
3. Spare engine block on stand (removed from a WWII generator) and block is in excellent condition. Includes head.
4. Original mechanical voltage regulator
5. Several spare points and condensers
6. Spare 6v Autolite Starter
7. Spare 6v Autolite Generator
8. Numerous spare gaskets, spare fuel filter, spare oil filter, spare spark plugs,
9. Spare Joes Motor Pool Carter WO reproduction carb (May need to be cleaned - I removed it to put the original rebuilt Carter WO Carb on the jeep)
10. Misc other spare parts that I have purchased through the years
11. Spare rear-end (diff) that I picked up when I bought the spare engine block

The Good and Bad

The jeep is titled (registered) as a 1945, despite being a 1942 Slat Grill. This is how it was when I purchased it and I was not about to go through all the trouble to try and correct it. It is my understanding that through the years Military jeeps don't always have the correct years associated with them. There are many items on the Jeep that lead support to it being a 1942, including the Gas gauge, that says "Gas" on it, instead of fuel. Additionally, the pancake air filter, instead of the oil bath air filter, the engine oil dip stick, the non-combat wheels, and the puller studs on the rear axles, the lack of a blackout light on the fender, the slat grill, the Willys Script (on the back) tub, are all synonymous with an early 1942 model year. I believe that the tub may be an early reproduction but do not have enough information to know for sure.

Since purchasing this jeep, it was mostly used for random driving around town, parades ( I have had several WWII vets in their late 90's ride with me and the front markings on the bumper are in memory of the last WWII Vet to ride with me who recently passed away. His unit was the 607 Field Artillery Division, hence the marking on the bumper.

The Jeep is not "perfect" however I take a lot of pride in it and anytime something breaks I make sure to fix it promptly. It is 81 years old. The paint is by no means perfect. There are some scratches here and there and some cracks in the paint. If I had the time, I would repaint the whole jeep to make the paint "perfect." If it sits for months, it will be a little hard to start until fuel starts to flow through the pump and into the carb. The speedometer no longer goes above 10mph, but it is an original speedometer and I do not want to replace it. The Jeep still has the distinct Jeep lean, despite new shocks and leaf springs. I am not a mechanic. I have had it tuned up in the past (timing adjusted, etc) and am sure it can probably use it again. Occasionally there are some drops on the floor under it. The brakes squeak when first used after having sat for a while. The High-Beams don't work however I have not bothered to fix that as I don't drive it at night. The headlights and blackout lights all work as expected as do the brake lights and panel lights. Occasionally when driving downhill and coasting, the jeep will pop out of 2nd gear. This is a common occurrence of WWII jeeps and does not happen when the jeep is moving under power, but rather when coasting occasionally.

Again, this is not a museum piece in that it is not in 100% mint condition, however what you are getting is a very well cared for Jeep, with all period correct parts in all the right places. Many times, when you look at Jeeps online for sale you will immediately see that while they may look the part from 20 feet away, as soon as you get close you see incorrect horns, voltage regulators, alternators instead of generators, incorrect gauges, tops, accessories, etc. This is not that - this is correct - all the way.

Yes - I'm sure it could use tweaking, I'm sure it could use a tune-up / going over and maybe a repair here or there but you're getting a quality vehicle to love, care for, and make your own and of course, to tinker with.

For the selling price of $38k, I am including ALL of the spare parts listed above that I have acquired, and again they are extensive, to include a fully rebuilt spare T-84 Transmission, Dana 18 Transfer Case, Spare engine block, etc. I have spent many thousands of dollars more than I am asking for the jeep as I know that is the name of the game unfortunately. A Jeep is a labor of love and for the price I am asking, you are getting very fair value along with a significant amount of spare parts.

The Jeep has a clear, transferrable NYS Registration (NYS does not issue titles for vehicles this old). Payment is in the form of a certified bank check (CHECK MUST CLEAR FIRST) and or Cash, and or a combination of the 2. I will assist you or your shipper with shipping to the degree that I can, however I must stress that If purchased for the asking price, all the accessories are extensive and you will need the ability to move the spare engine block which is currently on a stand, as well as the spare rear end / diff, transmission, and transfer case.

I believe in honesty and transparency and would be happy to send you any pictures, or video of the jeep and would prefer if you are able to, that you see it in person so you know what you are purchasing. Please ask any and all questions and I will do my absolute best to answer.
I would prefer this Jeep remain in the United States as they are becoming extremely rare state-side so would prefer a buyer in the United States. I also do not have the expertise to help with out of country shipping. It goes without saying that shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and the jeep comes with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied. Again - it is 81 years old! Statistically most people don't even live to 81. It's a miracle the Jeep is still around considering it was designed to last a maximum of 30 days in battle.

Finally, you may ask why am I selling the Jeep? That's a good question and sometimes I ask myself that, as I love this jeep beyond measure and would love to keep it forever. The reason is, I only have a limited amount of space, money, and time, and would now like to focus on other projects that unfortunately will require the Jeep to go. I am in no rush to sell it however as again, It is something I love dearly, and would keep forever if finances allowed. I would like to see it go to someone who will take care of it, maintain it, repair it, drive it, just the same.

Price: $38,000

City: Mamaroneck

State: NY

Please contact Jason at:

email: Jason.Capalbo@gmail.com

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